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Over the years, it has been a joy and privilege for America World Adoption to help find families for children considered harder to place in international adoption. Our China Waiting Children program makes this possible. 

Waiting children are orphans who have been identified as ready and available to be placed in loving homes due to a variety of reasons. These reasons might include the fact that they are considered an older child, or are that they are diagnosed with a medical or developmental condition. America World's China Waiting Children pages contain photolistings, or profiles, of just some of the children who are waiting for forever families.

If you are called to adopt a child from China, the China Waiting Child program is for you. China adoption has changed a great deal over the past 10 years, but the need for adoptive families is as great as is ever has been. It is important to understand that the America World Waiting Child pages do not contain all of the children available for adoption. Many of the children are matched directly with families who have completed their paperwork and specified exactly what type of child would best fit within their family dynamics. The children whose photolistings appear on the Waiting Child pages are currently available for adoption and were not immediately matched with a waiting family.

What is the China Waiting Child Photolisting?

Most of the child profiles you see on America World's waiting child photolisting are China waiting children. China allows Chinese adoption agencies to share a child's information, such as brief bios and photos. India does not allow a child's photo to be shared at this time. The photolisting is a resource to help America World find families for children who have very specific needs — whether medical, emotional or other. The child profiles can be sorted by country, gender, age, adoption status and their special need.

How are the Children on the China Photolisting Chosen?

In most cases, the children on the waiting child photolisting are children that have not been matched with families when China releases child profiles to Chinese adoption agencies. Most families who apply to adopt will select the specific child needs that would be best for them. Children that meet those requests are never placed on the waiting child photolisting, but are immediately matched with a family. For those children who are not a match with a family's requests, they are placed on the China Waiting children photolistings so that we can advocate specifically for those children.


Who Can Adopt From the China Waiting Child Photolisting?

Because children on this list are considered "harder to place", the process to adopt a child on the photolisting can be much quicker to complete. Families at any stage of the adoption process (even families who have not yet applied to adopt!) can request to see a China waiting child's complete profile. We know God has a plan for every child & it is our desire to see every child placed in the Christ-centered home as he/she deserves.


Boys and girls 8 months to 13 years of age are waiting right now for their forever families.

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China Special Need Children

The majority of the waiting children in China have some type of medical or developmental need.  One factor in this is that China has eased their one-child-per-family policy, causing fewer families to abandon children. Additionally, Chinese families also now have greater resources to care for their children. Domestic adoption within China is also becoming increasingly common, allowing for children — primarily healthy infants — to join loving adoptive families in China before being considered for international adoption.  

Still, many families are still unable to care for a child with medical or developmental needs causing them to now be waiting for a loving adoptive family through international adoption. During the application stage, families are able to specify which medical or developmental needs are a better fit for their family.

Most of the children adopted from China have one of the following conditions or medical needs, with the exception of healthy older children:

  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Orthopedic issues like limb differences or clubfoot
  • Heart defects requiring less-involved surgery
  • Atresias such as ear atresia or anal atresia
  • Premature/low birth weight with accompanying developmental delays or medical issues
  • Skin conditions such as birthmarks, angiomas or removable tumors
  • Developmental or speech delays

Many families are considering children with the following medical or developmental conditions:

  • More complex heart defects
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Spina bifida
  • HIV
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Urogenital abnormalities
  • Thalassemia requiring regular blood transfusions
  • Vision or hearing loss
  • Dwarfism
  • Albinism
  • Down syndrome