Adopt a Waiting Child from China

Children of all ages in China are waiting right now for their forever families. Apply today to grow your family through adoption!

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How To Adopt:

Since 1994, America World has placed over 4,600 orphans into their forever families. Our staff would be honored to help grow your family through international adoption!

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Adopt from India--children are waiting for their forever families right now.

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China Adoption

How to Adopt:

Since 1994, America World Adoption has placed over 4,600 orphans into their forever families. Our staff would be honored to help grow your family through China adoption!


God's design of adoption, while caring for vulnerable children around the world.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)

America World exists to unite the many children around the world who are living without families to love them with the families like yours who can provide the love they need. Whether you are considering adopting from China, adopting from India, adopting from Haiti, or adopting from another country, you can rest assured that America World will be with you to make the adoption journey as smooth as possible.

America World adoptive parents living in all 50 states have chosen America World as a result of the caring, professional attention their friends and family have experienced, and have now experienced for themselves.

If you would like information about adoption, you will find a great deal of information within this site. You will find the details of adopting from specific countries and the adoption requirements for each along with other important aspects of adoption, such as the cost to adopt a child and the help available to finance your adoption such as the adoption tax credit.

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China Waiting Child: “Moses” Needs a Forever Family

Moses is a sweet 4-year-old boy who is currently living with a foster family. His Chinese name means “compliment”. Moses was diagnosed with right-hand polydactylism and has had surgery to correct this medical need. He was also diagnosed with anal atresia. He is considered a Special Focus adoption….

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Parenting Tips: Loving & Parenting After an Adoption, Even When It is Hard

As an ACT Coach, America World Post-Adoption Supervisor, and adoptive mom, I talk to lots of families about their adoption experiences. Many families have relatively smooth adoption adjustments and joy-filled parenting experiences, but there is a significant group who do not when it comes to…

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China Waiting Child: “Aida” Needs a Forever Family

“Aida” Needs a Forever Family Aida is a sweet young girl whose Chinese name means “active and strength”. She lives with a foster family and is very close to the foster mom. Her gross motor skills are delayed as she can only crawl and has limited…

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