Learn About Adoption

Would you like to find out more about adoption? Here are three easy options to get you started.

Free adoption pre-application1) Fill out a FREE pre-application.

The pre-application is the best way to quickly determine which of our adoption programs you qualify for. It also helps our agency identify the best path to serve your family.

Fill it out today! It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

Connect with America World staff.

2) Connect with America World staff.

Thanks to technology, we can meet with you no matter where you live!

Email info@awaa.org or call 703-660-4621 and ask to speak with someone in our intake department.

You can also arrange a meeting with a member of our intake staff.

If you would like to arrange a time to ask some questions and learn more about adoption or our agency, please schedule a meeting with our staff. Ideally, a family will complete a pre-application before scheduling a meeting, but that is not a requirement.


Request Info Booklet3) Request an information booklet to learn more about our services.

Would you like an overview of our services?

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