Adoption Programs

America World is a Hague-accredited organization that exists to place orphans into loving Christian homes through international adoption programs. We are here to help families who want to know how to adopt a child, and we make the adoption process as painless as possible.  We have helped many families with the adoption of older children and children and babies waiting for adoption with medical needs through our Waiting Children program. Our experienced professional team works directly with foreign adoption governments and knows what it takes to complete an adoption with integrity.

Information on financial assistance for the international adoption process can be found on our adoption Links page. One of the first things most families recognize with adoption is the cost. America World seeks to help those trying to finance their adoption by supporting organizations such as Show Hope, the Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman foundation created to help Christian families reduce the financial barriers to adoption. There are many great organizations like Show Hope who provide grants for adoptive families. The government's Adoption Tax Credit provides more than $13,000 in tax credit (not a deduction!) to significantly decrease the financial burden for adoptive families. Find our list of financial resources on our Financing Adoption page!

Every adoptive country/program has different requirements (established by the adoptive country), so one international adoption program may work better for your family than another. Be sure to review the programs below to see which adoptive country fits your family best—whether you are considering adoption from India, adoption from China, or any other program.

Information on Client's Rights & Responsibilities can be found on our Client Rights and Responsibilities page. Pursuant to Hague Standard 96.39(b), you have the right to request the following data on agency placements from the past three calendar years:  (1) the number of adoption placements per year, and the number and percentage of placements that remain intact, are disrupted or have dissolved; (2) the number of applicants each year; and (3) the number of children eligible for adoption and awaiting an adoption placement, when applicable. Please contact to request this information.

Are you concerned about a program's requirements that may prevent you from adopting? Fill out our FREE PRE-APPLICATION, and we will help you determine your eligibility for a particular country/program. If you qualify for a program based on the information within that program's requirements page, there is no need to fill out a pre-application. You can begin the adoption process by starting with the FULL APPLICATION.


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