What Is A Home Study?

The Home Study is a requirement for the adoption of a child in all 50 states. While your physical home’s safety and adequacy of size are a part of the assessment, the process is much more about your family’s emotional, physical, and fiscal readiness to provide a loving home for an orphan.

The process is designed to help you, America World, and other relevant authorities such as the courts, US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), and the foreign government assess your family’s abilities as adoptive parents. The assessment culminates in a written report that is a comprehensive picture of your background, current family life and how this new child will be integrated into your family. It is designed to be a non-judgmental, educational and fruitful process.

Some of the topics discussed during the home study process are motivation for and expectations of adoption, thoughts, and feelings about the child’s family & culture of origin, type of child desired (age, sex, special needs), and your social support system. Your home study coordinator will also explore your values related to parenting, marriage, finances, spiritual beliefs, and child-care plans. These discussions will all take place during four face-to-face visits, one of which must be in your home.

Also, state criminal record checks, child abuse registry checks, and references will be obtained. You will need to provide a copy of your birth certificates, marriage license, financial documentation and medical statements for all members of the family. All of these items will be collected and reported in the home study.

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