About Uganda

It’s estimated that there are over 2.2 million orphans and over 8 million vulnerable children in Uganda due to disease, famine, and war. Access to education and medical care is limited for these children who often live in abject poverty. America World has a rich history of orphan care in beautiful Uganda. Through missions trips, children’s homes, orphanages, and more, God has enabled us to provide much needed care including education, medical care, and family building.

Uganda Ministries

Canaan Children’s Ministry
America World partners with Canaan to provide funding to support up to 60 children who reside in a clean, safe home. While living at Canaan children have access to education, shelter, medical care, job training skills and mentorship opportunities.

Kerith Children’s Ministry
America World is building families despite adoption restrictions in Uganda. Kerith Children’s home is revolutionizing the way orphan care is carried out in Uganda. America World has been able to support this vision by providing funding for family-based care homes which will house guardians and children in a family atmosphere rather than an institutional setting. America World has also provided funding for a medical clinic in a rural village which serves the local community.

Kerith Children’s Ministry has also branched out into the remote village of Nankodo. There they have built a school and have started educational programs for the children of this village. America World partnered with Kerith this year to fully fund the building and furnishing of the first medical clinic in the area. This clinic now serves between 2000 to 2400 children. Between 500 to 700 of those children are considered orphans.

Pillars of Hope
Pillars of Hope is located in rural Uganda. This program was developed due to the need to care for abandoned and orphaned babies in an area where life expectancy is short, and resources are extremely scarce. America World has provided support for this vital ministry through one-time initiatives and through mission teams.