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The missions department is part of America World Adoption’s development division and exists as an orphan advocacy ministry that partners with international orphanages in sending out teams of storytellers with the goal of providing long term care to vulnerable children.

Storytelling isn’t reserved for a few. You can be a voice for orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide simply by engaging in their story, speaking up and telling on. You have the unique opportunity to share life-changing stories within your circle of influence. Together we can impact lives and meet needs. 

Storyteller trips are an invitation to respond to the great love that has been shown to us; a chance to be obedient to the challenge put forth in scripture: to care for the orphan. 

Are you ready join us and SPEAK for one today?


We have many exciting trips planned for this year!  Click the country below to learn more about the trips there. 


It was hard to fly away from our little friends. It was not the cheery flight of the ladybug.
There were tears. There was an ache that was unexplainable, but we all knew it and bore it quietly. 
We knew why we crossed oceans in His name, and it was because He called us to.  
 Going was one of the hardest and best things I've ever done with my life.
I cannot speak enough to listening to a calling God has placed on your heart. 

Jean Marie

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