adoption services


Here is an outline of the typical home study process. Sometimes the steps will vary depending on your situation. Our desire is for the home study process to be helpful and educational for the entire family, and if we ever have any concerns about your readiness to parent a child by adoption, we will let you know as soon as possible, and give you suggestions and time to increase your skills. If you have questions before applying or at any time during the process, feel free to email, or call 800-429-3369, ext 162.


Step 1: Apply

You can find more information on how to apply here. It will take 3-5 days for your application to be processed.

Step 2: Forms & Fees

Once your application is approved, the Oklahoma Director will welcome you with an email and/or phone call, and send you a packet of information about the process and documentation. You will be asked to sign and return some initial agreements and other forms. You will receive a bill by email and should pay it upon receipt.

Step 3: Orientation

You will have the 1st home study meeting (Orientation) with the Director or your local Home Study Coordinator. The Orientation is geared to help you feel at ease and understand the home study process, the adoption process, and the required documentation.

Step 4: Documents & Training

You will submit the required documents such as birth certificates, marriage license, criminal clearances, medical reports, financial information, references, training certificates, etc. You will complete at least 10 hours of prescribed training relevant to adoption issues.

Step 5: Interviews

In 2 or 3 more meetings with your social worker, the following interviews will occur:

  • Individual interviews with each parent and any other adults living in the home
  • Joint interview with both parents
  • Family interview with the entire household
  • Child interviews with all school-age children living in or out of the home, and all adult children. If children live out of the area, interviews may be by phone, Skype, or in writing
  • Tour of home to assess safety and adequacy

Step 6: Review & Finalization

After the final meeting and all paperwork is complete, the Social Worker will write your report, the report is reviewed at multiple levels, and then is finalized and released to you.