An Adoption, Orphan Care & Parenting Podcast

Global Family is a podcast created to focus on two important topics:

  1. ADOPTION: To help families who are considering adoption, in the process of adopting, or those who have completed their adoption, and
  2. ORPHAN CARE:  To raise awareness of the needs of "the least of these" around the world who have no parents.

For adoptive families, we will provide practical advice to help navigate the post-adoption journey from experts in the field of adoption support and counsel.

For families considering adoption, you will hear from families who are in the process of adopting and those who have completed their adoptions. They will provide you tips, advice, and encouragement.

For those who have a passion for orphan care, you will get firsthand testimonies from those who have provided a variety of orphan care to countries around the world. You will also have unique opportunities to join others in caring for orphans through on-the-ground projects.

Each episode will be hosted by longtime adoption and orphan care advocate, Mike Stone, who has also been on staff at America World Adoption for over 16 years. He will be joined by America World staff, families, mission trip participants, and experts to assist you in successfully fulfilling your call to adoption and orphan care.

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