About Ethiopia

It is estimated there are over 4.5 million orphans living in Ethiopia; unfortunately, as they age-out of the government orphanage system they are often not prepared for the rigors of adulthood. AWAA has been working to improve the lives of orphans in Ethiopia through adoption and orphan care centers providing food, medical care, education, and the hope of the gospel.

Ethiopia Ministries

Despite Ethiopia closing to adoption in 2018, America World stays committed to serving and supporting the most vulnerable there. Our work in Ethiopia has continued through Bete Hosanna, a new transitional home for girls aging out of the orphanage system.

Without a home like Bete Hosanna, young girls are at risk for sex-trafficking, exploitation, and in extreme cases, death.  America World staff members work with each girl to develop an action plan designed to enable them to complete a two-year program in order to transition to independent living. The current home can house up to 10 girls, but there are so many more who need such a program to survive and thrive.

Our goal is to expand this program by opening a second home in 2021. This will double the number of young women we can support and serve. Would you consider giving to positively impact the lives of these young women?