Zoller family story: God’s plan is better than we can imagine

One of the greatest blessings we have at AWAA is hearing from our families once they return home.
Today Elisa Zoller shares their family story. They have been home
from India for just a few weeks with their precious son. 


I was about to sit down and write this, but I heard a car beep and ran to the window to wave “bye” to my husband Josiah and my son Suhel.  They are letting Mommy have a little quiet while they go enjoy some Daddy-Son time!  We have been a family of three for three weeks and one day!  Praise God!

Our adoption story started about three years ago when the desire to adopt became a calling on our lives one sleepless night.  Let's just say the Lord didn't let me go to sleep because we had something to talk about!  Soon after that sleepless night Josiah and I applied and were accepted into AWAA's Ethiopia program.  Now let me preface the rest of the story by saying that I've wanted to be a mother since 2010.   Over the months and years I have had to surrender that desire to my Father in heaven and work on trusting Him in the timing of building our family.  So, when we joined the Ethiopia program we were told it might be about three years or more until we were matched with our child.  Our prayers were for the Lord to help us be patient!!  Well, three years turned into possibly five years.  The idea of waiting that long was so hard, and staying emotionally connected to the adoption process was very difficult!

About a year and a month ago we heard from AWAA that there was an opportunity to switch to the India program.  We were told there were a lot of kids waiting to be matched in the program and not enough families!  Well, the decision wasn't a clear green light for us.  I definitely prayed for God to “give us a sign”, but He didn't.  Each choice would take faith.  Either we stayed in the Ethiopia program to wait years more, or we switched programs to re-do all the paperwork we had just finished a year ago for Ethiopia and re-pay a lot of the adoption-related costs for a new country.  The Lord did give us peace about switching to India.  We started our dossier about a year ago, and in August were matched with Suhel!  We were expecting to bring him home this summer, but God worked miracles and the orphanage asked if we could be in India on January 26th!  WOW!

Suhel is such a gift.  He is precious to us, and I am so thankful that God loves him with a perfect and infinite love!  We are overjoyed to be celebrating his third birthday with him this week!  He is a sweet little boy who loves to sing, dance and play “peekaboo” (and run around like a little terror of course).

 God's plan is better than what we can think up for our own lives. 

When I cried out to the Lord years ago He did hear me, He comforted me as I waited, and He knew that Suhel would be our son.  Josiah and I encourage you, wherever you are in life, to ask the Lord to guide you! 

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” – Proverbs 16:9


If you would like to know more about adopting from India or another America World adoption program, we invite you to visit our website where you can get information about the adoption process. Contact us at info@awaa.org or call 800-429-3369 to get in touch with one of our staff.



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