Your Donations Made a Difference for Chinese Orphans!

chinese orphanages

We often have families in the China program who would like to make donations to specific orphanages in China. Recently, we had a family come to us with this request and wanted to know how they could help one of our orphanage partners in the Shaanxi province. We are excited to share that through the generosity of this family, we were able to provide these children with additional baby formula, diapers, and some other food items for some the older children. We’d like to thank each and every family who makes donations throughout the year to give towards special orphanage projects in China or through programs. Because of your generosity, we’ve been able to supply orphanage partners in China with a number of needed items over the years such as baby formula, blankets, baby beds, clothing/shoes, diapers, toys, rehabilitation equipment, and provide specialized rooms in orphanages to care for additional needs of children among other projects.

If you are interested in how you, your church, your church small group or adoption support group can be involved in donating towards resources for orphanages or other special projects, check out our Give page to learn more or email Andrew Brown. Your donation does make the difference in the life of a child!




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