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Would You Share Hope’s Story Today?

Hope 2
Hope is a sweet 11-year old girl that is outgoing and loves to sing and enjoys music. We most recently introduced you to Hope in early March. A month later, she continues to wait for a family and we would love your help in finding a family for her.

She has performed in the New Year’s Party and Children’s Day party, which are important holidays in China. The orphanage staff love to hear her sing. She is an active girl who is currently in a boarding school for special needs children and stays there during the week and returns to the orphanage on the weekends.

While in school, she participates in a number of activities. Her caretakers describe her as a polite child, both at school and in the orphanage, and very obedient and sensible. Her teachers, caretakers, and classmates all enjoy being around her. 

Hope has been diagnosed with blindness (corneal leukoplakia & congenital missing eye) but has light perception in her right eye and has normal physical and intellectual development. She has been in the orphanage since she was 3 months old.

Hope 1
This file is an agency orphanage partnership file but is now a shared file. Her file is designated as a Special Focus child and is available to be matched with any family at any stage of the adoption process, provided their social worker gives approval.

We would love to match Hope with a family that can help her to thrive. if you would like more details about Hope and how you can make her a part of your family, please contact our China staff who would love to help.  Email them at or call them at 800-429-3369.

If you cannot consider adopting Hope, please help us share her story with as many as possible! We believe her forever family is out there, but just needs to know about her–Be A Storyteller for Hope!



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