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The Willits Family: All in God’s Timing

At a recent America World Family Gathering event, Sarah Willits found herself immersed in conversation with Sandy Ivey, an AW social worker who writes home studies and helps families prepare for their international or domestic adoption process. During their reunion and conversation, Sarah shared that she felt families should be patient and wait on God’s timing. Reading this, you might think, it’s easy for Sarah to say something like that, they are home with their child. But lean into their story for a moment, walk in their shoes… patience in the process did not come without difficulty.

In 2010 we lost our son about an hour after he came into the world. After some time had passed and after a lot of prayer, we knew we were supposed to adopt a child. The next six years were spent on efforts that never really panned out. Then, one day at church, although our pastor wasn’t teaching about adoption, it was absolutely clear to me. The Lord was saying step out, it’s time now. I got in the car and turned to my husband Justin and said, I know this is out of the clear blue but I think… and he finished the sentence, we are supposed to revisit adoption again. You felt it too? I asked.  

This was totally of the Lord and such an amazing moment in our journey! That very Sunday afternoon I did a google search and found the local Director of Social Services for America World Tennessee. We met the very next day and fast forward 11 months… we have completed the India adoption process and have our sweet Kate Jagruti in our arms!

There is so much more in between, a couple of bumps in our road, lots of longing, worry and tears but when I stepped into Kate’s orphanage I forgot every tear and every bump and knew very clearly it WAS all in His timing. I tell everyone to trust Jesus. He is absolutely, without a doubt, working out everything in His timing. There are also many hands on your adoption, not just your own, so allowing lots of grace and the ability to sometimes step back and allow those hands to have their way in your life is really important.

My oldest biological child Isabella was born with a birthmark on her stomach. I remember thinking, when she was born, man, I don’t have a birthmark like that and neither does Justin or anyone else in our families. It was always her special little mark. Fast forward, as I was preparing to give Kate her first bath in India I looked down and saw the EXACT same birthmark in the very same spot that Isabella has one. I immediately cried and thought NO WAY, this is such a sign.  I cried for about 30 minutes just hugging her. Jesus is just BEYOND anything I could ever imagine. I cannot even find the words.

It might be six years for you, it might be eleven months or two years. But God is working on your behalf. He is paving the way, He is moving mountains and He is fighting for you even when you can’t see the battle.

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