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Why Justice for the Fatherless is Worth the Risk

Russell Moore has done it again!

Last week I highlighted Dr. Russell Moore's sermon entitled, “Christ in an Orphan-Making Culture.”  Yesterday morning, I ran across a short article by Dr. Moore entitled, “Is the Orphan My Neighbor?” located on the Christian website Q.  Moore uses Christ's story of the good Samaritan as the base on which the Lord exhorts and commands His people to be conformed to His mission, which includes justice for the fatherless.

You can read his short article by clicking the link above or copying and pasting this link into your web browser's address bar:

As an adoptive father, himself, Moore writes and speaks much on adoption and orphan care; but he also provides wonderful Gospel-centered wisdom into a variety of other issues and current events, as well.  You can find out more about him and be encouraged by his insights on his website or check out his blog, Moore to the Point, or even follow him on twitter.

In Him,

Jason West, Director of Development


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