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Why is America World Doing “Day of Hope”?

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Good question!  In short, our goal is to keep adoption expenses manageable for families in the adoption process.  Direct expenses to families do occasionally increase, but as indirect costs continue to rise we prefer to fund those indirect costs separately.  This includes the important initiatives we are focusing on today during our “Day of Hope”.

  • Rent for our 2 Ethiopia Transitional Homes
  • Funds needed to bring 10+ children from China for hosting in March
  • Vital post-adoption support for families

By funding these initiatives through Day of Hope we are able to keep adoption costs to families from incurring substantial increases as we continue to care for and advocate for orphans.

To learn more about these three vital initiatives and how you can help make funding a reality, check out yesterday's blog post.  You can share “Day of Hope” with your friends, family, church, and workplace. Together we can make a tangible difference!

DONATE HERE using General Donation and noting Day of Hope in the comments section.


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