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Haiti Program Update 2022

What’s Happening in Haiti?

By Aimee Wilson, Program Director

America World has had the privilege of serving in Haiti for many years. We consider it a great honor to partner with adoptive families as they walk through the adoption process, pursuing the needed approvals, gathering paperwork, and preparing their hearts and homes to bring a child or children into their family.

Our heart is to see every child placed in a loving, Christian family. While we dedicate resources, time, and effort to see this process through, we recognize that many children are waiting and likely will not have the opportunity to be adopted.

Ultimately, we want every child to know that they are seen and loved. For some, that is within the context of adoption and becoming a part of a family, while for others, it is through meeting basic, tangible needs.

Through generous gifts and donations, we have opportunities to serve and provide care for vulnerable children in Haiti by:

  • Meeting educational needs
  • Providing food resources
  • Coordinating relief efforts

Sadly, the level of need in Haiti has drastically increased over the past year. Due to political unrest, increased violence, and economic crisis creating supply and food shortages, the people of Haiti are facing unimaginable hardships. For more details, check out this recent U.N. article about the country. Our staff on the ground provides frequent updates as we monitor the situation closely, and our hearts are heavy for those experiencing suffering and loss in light of these conditions.

We understand that the need can feel distant, overwhelming, and even impersonal when you hear that an orphanage in another country needs food or supplies. But please know that through your donations, we have met tangible needs for boys and girls living in desperate poverty.

Each child with a name, a story, and worthy of the love and care they deserve is being cared for in ways they may not otherwise receive. We are humbled by the privilege of seeing firsthand how your gifts make a difference, even today.

For example, this week, we’ve provided essential supplies, including rice, beans, cooking oil, powdered milk, peanut butter, and cereal, to 71 children at two orphanages. While this may seem insignificant, these are life-saving staples that have become increasingly expensive and out of reach for many. We appreciate your ongoing support as we move forward with this ministry.

Donate to our Season of Hope campaign if you’d like to support our efforts in Haiti and more. We have received two matching grants for $35,000 each, so all the money we raise through the end of the year is being DOUBLED. Any amount you can give helps make a difference in the lives of orphans, vulnerable children, and families!

Tax-deductible gifts can also be mailed via check to:

America World Adoption 6723 Whittier Avenue, Ste. 202 | McLean, VA

Thank you, again, for being a vital part of our family and ministry. We could not do this work without your support!

Donate to the Season of Hope!


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