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What Will Your Impact Be in 2014?

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In the past decade, motivators like social media, spreading grassroots movements, humanitarian work by celebrities/music artists, consistent campaigning by influential advocacy groups, etc. have led to a growing awareness among Christian communities (as well as non-Christian communities) regarding the responsibility we have to tackle problems that detrimentally effect vulnerable people throughout the world. Humanity, in general, has always deemed women and children as the most vulnerable members of society. Biblically, for the Christian community, the call is often directed specifically towards the widows and the fatherless. Ask any missionary, adoptive parent or non-profit employee what one of, if not the most popular scripture is for this belief and they’ll inevitably reference or even quote James 1:27.

America World is no exception to this belief. We whole-heartedly accept the admonition throughout scripture and especially in James 1:27 to advocate for the widows and the fatherless. As an orphan care ministry, our particular focus is for the fatherless. We firmly believe in our collective responsibility to take care of these children throughout the world. In 2013 we expanded our outreach by developing the ACT Missions Department which connects with our partner orphanages around the world to send out teams of short term missionaries with the goal of providing long term care to vulnerable children, whether they are adoptable or not. Last year our teams were able to directly impact orphans by providing clothing, food, bedding, personal care items, new appliances or appliance repairs, and so on while also participating in work projects, training of nannies and providing bible lessons & activities to the children. It was a great year, but we need to increase that impact even more in 2014.

ACT Missions may be a department within America World, but it’s an opportunity for you as an individual or as a family to have a direct impact in helping to meet the needs of the fatherless. Past, current and prospective clients along with any other believers have an open invitation to join us on any one of our many trips this year. We need medical professionals, teachers, photographers, artists, carpenters, and young people with lots of energy, etc. on all of our trips. Think about, talk about it, and pray about it! What will your impact be in 2014?

If you have any questions please contact us at or by calling 800-429-3369 and asking to speak with an ACT Missions Coordinator. We hope to hear from you soon!

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