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What is the Ultimate Christmas Gift?!

For blog What is the Ultimate Christmas Gift?!  What if you could purchase a ticket home for an orphan who otherwise has no hope for a family this Christmas?  You could give this child a hope and possibly even a future in a home God has ordained!

This was the first year for our Orphan’s Ticket Home campaign, and thanks to our families we have raised close to $200 K, just short of our $300 K goal for the year 2008!  Thank you all so much!  We only need $100K more to reach out goal.  We have about 3400 families who are either in process with their adoptions through AWA or have already adopted through us.  If only a third of you (1133 families) gave $100 we would reach and exceed that goal!!!!  Can you spare atleast $100.00 this Christmas Season to bring an orphan home?!

We know some of you are enduring the long wait times in China and El Salvador and you long to have your own child home this Christmas…Those of us at America World are very much aware of this and pray for you daily.  We also know that once you hold your long awaited child in your arms, all the pain and heartache will soon be washed away and replaced by immeasurable joy!

We have set up a new Orphan’s Ticket Home website!  You may now contribute money to either our General Orphan’s Ticket Home fund, or choose which initiative you’d like to give to.

Our goal is to raise $1 million through this campaign in 3 years.  PLEASE help us meet this goal so that in 3 years we will help bring home more than 5000 orphans!  You can donate online at: .



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