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What is Beautiful: Sprunger Family

During our Season of Hope, we are continually awed and inspired by the remarkable families we get the privilege to work with. Families who open their hearts and lives to orphans and work tirelessly to bring them home. It is our deepest joy to be a part of these families’ stories, and sometimes, we get the incredible opportunity of seeing how the Adoption Journey has impacted their families in unexpected ways.  We were blessed to get to work with the Sprunger Family in bringing their baby girl home from India several years ago.  Through that experience, Abbie’s view of beauty, identity, and the deep significance behind the Christmas Story was forever changed:

“Considering Joseph’s paternal role recently, it dawned on me that our Savior, it seems, was adopted. Jesusknows the soul of the orphan, and the gamut of fiercely complex layers therein. He lived them; He was raised in them; He resurrected from their premises. Christ the baby King, born in a feeding trough, empathizes with our orphan stories with an adoration beyond measure. In the midst of the dark this 2020, these truths give me hope.

My husband and I run a retreat center in Savannah, Georgia and have two biological children, and a third from India, whom we adopted via America World 3.5 years ago. Though we’ve had our days (and weeks!), Aaliya has brought immeasurable joy to our lives and family dynamic. In light of having multiple daughters and skin colors in our home, plus a background of body image issues myself, not too long ago the Lord invited me to jot down some thoughts surrounding “beauty.” This Fall, those jots were released as a children’s book called: What Is Beautiful?. Given our Aaliya’s HIV+ status, $1 of every sale is going toward HIV research. And on top of that, given AWAA’s SEASON OF HOPE, all copies purchased through Parent Cue this month will also donate a dollar toward adoption. Please consider purchasing What Is Beautiful? for (any aged) females in your life, and in doing so, joining with our adopted Son of God to bring every orphan Home.”

We could not be more honored to work with families like the Sprungers or more grateful for their continued generosity and support for AWAA!  Please join us in promoting this beautiful book in support of HIV research and the care of orphans…at a time when the true meaning of beauty, family, and the implications of that first Christmas are more important than ever.


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