What I Wish I Had Known, From the Eyes of a Child
August 7, 2013

America World is working on a project to help better prepare older children for adoption. Who better to learn from than the adopted children themselves? Here are some highlights from the responses thus far.

What do you wish you had known prior to coming home to the United States?

  • You might have pets (animals that live in your home). We were terrified of the dogs at first, but now we love them.
  • You will brush your teeth every- single -day.
  • You will see doctors and dentists when you get to the U.S. but it will be ok. They take care of you and make you feel better when you’re sick.
  • The airplane ride is awesome, BUT the toilet is sooo loud, so don’t be scared.
  • Brothers and sisters might be different from you in how they act and what they like.  Just remember that the adoption is a big change for them too.
  • You’ll get to celebrate the date of your birth every year. Before you leave Africa they will give you a birth date.
  • Toilet paper goes in the potty not the trash.
  • It feels good to have a home. 

We hope you enjoyed this post from the eyes of an adopted child. If you have a child who would like to contribute, please contact Caitlin Edwards in our Ethiopia program.

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