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What an Orphan May Not Know about Adoption

Have you ever stopped to think about what an orphan might or might not know about adoption or what is means to be a part of a family? As families prepare for adoption, there are many topics to cover during their adoption training courses, but they might not have considered this all-important question- “what does an orphan know about their adoption?†A child may know very little about what it truly means to be adopted and may not fully understand why a family would even consider adoption or making them a part of a family. This is especially important to understand when adopting an older child.

We would like to introduce you to a wonderful organization working with special needs children throughout China. The Love Without Boundaries Foundation recently released an amazing and heart-wrenching video interview they held in orphanages throughout four provinces of China. These children were asked what they knew about adoption or about being a part of a family; many of their responses may surprise you. America World’s China program has the privilege of working with orphanages who have several structured programs through LWB. This incredible organization is involved in a large number of projects throughout China and have provided numerous surgeries as well as foster care to children with medical needs.

We encourage you to watch this short video to get a glimpse of what adoption may look like through an orphan’s eyes. This video truly captures both the humorous responses to questions like “what do you think Americans look like?† as well as honest answers to questions such as “what does adoption mean?†or “what do you think you would do in a new family?â€. It is a wonderful eye-opening video into what children may perceive about adoption based on their culture or very little information that they have received while living in an orphanage.

We hope that you enjoy this video that stands as a reminder that though adoptive parents may learn much about the adoption process and what to expect when receiving their child, a child may not come into a family with the same type of preparation. View this short video: What is adoption? 



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