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Weston is aging out soon and needs a forever family

Weston is a brave, sweet boy who needs a family! He will turn 14 on July 16th and after that, can no longer be adopted. We are hoping to find a family with a dossier completed or almost completed due to the short timeframe for a family to obtain the necessary approvals and finalize the adoption before his birthday.


Weston has a beautiful smile and loves playing games, singing songs, and reciting poems. Weston has been diagnosed with a spinal condition. In July 2010, he received surgery on his spine. He is in a rehabilitation program at the orphanage. His caretakers have stated that he is very brave and determined during the rehabilitation and he will never give up. Although he has some speech delays, he has normal physical and mental development. His left leg appears mildly weaker than his right, otherwise his strength is good. We have had Storyteller mission team members meet Weston and they loved spending time with him. A physical therapist on the team made a note that he thinks Weston’s medical condition is a tethered spinal cord that has been corrected. We have wonderful photos and videos of Weston on file.

Weston has seen many of his friends from his orphanage return to the US with their forever families and he truly wants a family of his own. His caretakers really hope to see this happen for him as well. He is a sweet, polite boy who would make an amazing son!



Will you please help us share Weston’s story? His file is designated as Special Focus so a family at any stage of the process is eligible to review his referral.
For more information, please contact us at or 800.429.3369.

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