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Welcoming Angels: Yuriy & Mykola


Meet Yuriy and Mykola, two bothers who will be coming to the US this summer as part of our Welcoming Angels hosting program!

Yuriy  (1)

Yuriy is the younger of the brothers and he's ten years old. He has lots of friends and he likes to help in the group. He has many interests: reading, sports, dancing, playing badminton. Yuriy also likes to draw and he can sing well. 

Yuriy  (2)

Mykola, the older brother, is 14 years old. He is smart and wants to come to the USA! His favorite subjects are math, science, history, geography, and German. He's a tidy and cheerful young man! Mykola likes to fish, play soccer, and play the clarinet. 

Mykola (1)

Mykola (2)

If you are interested in hosting these smart and active Ukrainian brothers, Yuriy & Mykola, please visit our Hosting website where you will find all the information you need. You are also welcome to contact Rob Henneberg, Hosting Director, with any questions. 


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