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Welcoming Angels: Tetyana, Ivan, and Vitaly

Tetyana, Ivan, Vitaliy Sergiyev (2)

Meet the Sergiyev siblings! They are coming to the United States this summer for four weeks as part of our Welcoming Angels hosting program. We are excited to find families to host them!

Tetyana Sergiyev (2)

Tetyana is fourteen years old. Some of her hobbies include drawing, reading Ukrainian literature, music, singing, sewing, and embroidering. She likes to help and takes care of her brothers. She's very active too, and likes table tennis, rollerblading, biking, and playing volleyball!


Vitaliy Sergiyev (1)

Vitaly is the youngest, at ten years old. He's a responsible boy who likes to clean, draw, do math, and model plasticine. He is outgoing and has a lot of friends- he's very active!

Ivan Sergiyev (1)

Ivan is eleven years old He is also a good sportsman, and likes soccer, volleyball, and table tennis. He's a bit more shy, and some of his hobbies are embroidering, quilting, and cooking.

Sounds like hosting these three siblings comes with the potential for a great table tennis tournament! To learn more about hosting, please visit our Hosting website where you will find all the information you need. You are also welcome to contact Rob Henneberg, Hosting Director, with any questions. 


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