Welcoming Angels Spring Hosting Program
January 17, 2013

Welcoming Angels Orphan HostingThe boys that participated in the Winter hosting program returned safe and sound to Ethiopia today. We are praying for their precious hearts as they process the experiences they had while with their host families and adjust to being back in Ethiopia. What a wonderful group of boys!

We are currently recruiting host families for our spring program. The children will be in the United States for the month of June. At this time, interested families must be willing to host children, mostly boys, ages 12-15 and sibling sets with boys and girls between 10-15 years old. We have a few girls age 13 and 14 available. We also have healthy girls and boys age 7 and up that are HIV+ that are waiting to participate in the program as well. 

The cost to host a child is $1,800 plus the child’s airfare. The cost includes social work services, training, program fees, travel documents/visas for the children, medical evaluations of the children prior to participation in the program, etc. Airfare cost can range from $1,300 - $2,000. Group airfare will be purchased to keep costs as low as possible. America World encourages families to fundraise to help offset the cost of the program.

We already have hosting communities forming in South Carolina, Maryland and Indiana. We have a great deal of interest in other states as well, so if you are interested in hosting in your state, please contact Michelle.Reed@awaa.org for more information.

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