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Welcoming Angels: Snizhana & Ivan


Ivan and Snizhana are brother and sister who will be coming to the US this summer as part of our Welcoming Angels hosting program. We are excited to welcome them and show them the love of a family!

Snizhana Petakh (2)

Snizhana is ten years old. She likes reading books, math, embroidering, riding bikes, and singing. She's very cheerful, outgoing, and talkative- as you may be able to guess from her beautiful smile and happy face! She has a lot of friends and communicates easily. 

Ivan Petakh (1)

Ivan is her older brother and he is 14, turning 15 in July. He's a great soccer player! He is also very self-confident and participates in competitions all the time. He studies well and is a break-dancer.

To learn more about hosting these awesome siblings, please visit our Hosting website where you will find all the information you need. You are also welcome to contact Rob Henneberg, Hosting Director, with any questions. 


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