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Welcoming Angels Hosting: Meet Viktoriya from Ukraine

Viktoriya M.

Viktoriya goes to Chinadiyivo School and is the 9th grade this year. She likes science, biology and algebra. Viktoriya enjoys helping the younger kids do their homework. Children like and respect her. She has a lot of friends at school and at the orphanage.

Viktoriya is outgoing, active and smart. She is even-tempered and kind in her relations with others. She adapts easily to new living conditions and to new groups of people. 

She was born on June 28, 2000 and has been residing at the orphanage since July 30, 2008. She has a twin sister, Renata, with whom she is very close and enjoys spending time.

Viktoriya participates in activities, such as cooking and embroidery, but she enjoys sports the most and actively trains for soccer. She knows how to organize activities which involve and interest other children, particularly sports activities. She has very strong leadership qualities and wants to be a coach someday.

If you are interested in hosting Viktoriya or other children in this group of older children from Ukraine in December/January, please contact or call 800-429-3369.


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