Webinar: Your Top 5 Attachment Concerns

Next Tuesday, Adoption Learning Partners is holding a webinar about attachment concerns. Learn more and register here. The description is:

Attachment is a process that can take time. Adoption often poses challenges to that process, leaving parents with concerns and questions.

If you’re concerned about your child’s attachment process with parents, siblings or peers, there are practical steps and ideas you can try at home right away. Or maybe you just want to know what’s typical and what’s adoption related.

Join Regina Kupecky as she discusses the Top 5 attachment concerns and what to do about them!

  • Practical ideas for the top 5 concerns she hears from parents including bonding to siblings, parents and peers as well as what’s typical and what’s not
  • Expert insights into attachment and attunement
  • Advice on connecting with your child throughout their development

Live Webinar DetailsTuesday, February 25, 2014
7:00PM Central 
Q&A: 8:00PM

You also can submit questions in advance via survey or twitter: Submit your questions for us here or by tweeting them to @adoptiontweet using #ALPAttachTop5

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