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Webinar: Understanding CHIFF

Christian Alliance for Orphans is hosting a webinar next Wednesday discussing the Children in Families First Act (CHIFF). We have posted about this legislation multiple times and encourage you to participate, or if you're unable to join in, to learn about CHIFF and encourage your congressperson to support it. The webinar description, with link to register, is:

The US Congress is currently considering legislation that could make a tremendous difference for orphans and vulnerable children worldwide:  the Children in Families First Act (CHIFF).  Join this webinar to learn about the reforms proposed by CHIFF and their implications for children who currently lack families.  We'll be joined by the bi-partisan team of Senator Mary Landrieu and Congressman Trent Franks to analyze the bill, its current prospects and the role citizens can play in its advance.

The Christian Alliance for Orphans always focuses first on the role of individuals and churches in serving orphans, not government.  But we're also keenly aware of the ways government policies can either help or hinder this work, and we encourage all in the CAFO community to be well informed about issues and policies impacting children in need.

Register here.


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