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Webinar: Building Self-Esteem and Racial Identity in Transracially Adopted Youth

C.A.S.E., the Center for Adoption Support and Education, is broadcasting a webinar next Tuesday, December 6th, with the following description:

What do transracially adopted youth need for healthy racial identity development? What influences their ability to develop cohesive racial identity and positive sense of well-being? How can parents equip their children to cope with racial discrimination? The University of Maryland and C.A.S.E. have partnered to conduct cutting-edge research to address these important questions. In addition to exploring these answers, this webinar will include a review of preliminary research findings to help guide parents as they support their child's racial identity. (A follow-up to this webinar will be presented in 2012 and will include a panel of teens, adults and their families). Fee: $25

The seminar will be led by Dr. Leigh Leslie, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies specializing in race and gender issues, University of Maryland, Department of Family Science and Debbie Riley, C.A.S.E. C.E.O. The same topic was discussed in a webinar last year, and recieved so much positive feedback that they are presenting it again.

This topic will be beneficial to adoptive families who are both home with their children, as well as families who are considering or just beginning the process of adoption. Register HERE to take part and become informed about the relevance of racial identity in children's lives.


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