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We Would Like to Introduce You to “Drake”!

A few weeks ago, America World had the privilege of participating in one of three Hope Journey Projects through the CCCWA in China. We were blessed to partner with an orphanage in Beijing where we participated in a lot of activities with the children–from a visit to the zoo, to organized games with the children, as well as completed medical assessments and updates on files of children who have been overlooked by many.

Today we’d like to share Drake’s story through the eyes of one of the individuals who met Drake, Melinda Salle, Hope Journey participant:

Drake 2a

I nicknamed him “Handsome”. Behind his quiet demeanor, his eyes hold a deep look that is kind and brave. I have spent two days watching him tease his foster brothers and joke around with the boys his age. He was quiet and reserved with me but as I have gained his trust he gives me strong, sweet, brave smiles now.

He is eleven.

He knows his time is short to find a family. But he wants one desperately.

Today we went shopping and the children got to pick out a few treats at the store. What he wanted more than anything was gum. I could tell it was a treat for him. And then, I saw him offer a piece to one of the nannies, and then to a teammate, and then to several of his friends. Generous and kind, he seems like an older brother to many of the boys here. And although he seemed a bit too old to be holding hands on our outing, this was how the nannies kept track of the children, and he would shyly look for me to grab my hand each time we were separated. Many members of our team called him “The Gentleman” because he just seemed to do those thoughtful little things gentlemen do.

Today, he brought us napkins during our lunch when we needed them. His foster dad said he is smart and does well in school, except for math. He is athletic and coordinated, and would thrive with siblings to play ball with. He is an amazing kid with no cognitive delays. His nannies say he is gentle and kind, and has a fun sense of humor.

Look into his eyes and see.

Drake 1aThis precious boy needs to be playing soccer, eating dinner at a table with brothers and sisters, going to Grandma's house for a Christmas where, for the first time in his life, he shares in gifts and love, and the story of Jesus. 


Right now, “Drake” and many other children like him are waiting.  They are waiting for a family to take that bold step of faith and become a forever family to them.

If you are considering adoption from China, our staff would love to have you join them tomorrow, Thursday, November 17th, for a free “Adopting from China” webinar to learn more about the process and the children who wait.

Visit our website or request one of our information booklets for more details, or contact our China staff with questions.


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