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Adoption Cost

“We Cannot Afford to Adopt!”


“But we cannot afford to adopt! Why is adoption so expensive?”

We completely understand. Many of the America World staff has adopted and experienced the real struggle with adoption expenses.

There are valid reasons for the expenses in adoption. From airfare and passports, to home studies and immigration, adoption is costly.

However, we are hearing more of our families are completing their adoption process with little out-of-pockets costs.  How?  More and more resources are out there for adoptive families.  America World’s Financing Adoption page has just some of the resources that are helping families to find adoption grants and fundraising opportunities that work!

We spoke with Natalie DePrat, from America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU), to learn how they are also helping America World families with expenses. ACCU is assisting families with ways to help reduce the costs of adoption and providing “bridge loans” to provide for the expenses when needed–knowing that the Federal Adoption Tax Credit, adoption grants, and fundraising will be available later to quickly pay down those loans.

This podcast is a GREAT resource for all families called to adopt! Be sure to share with anyone you know who is considering adoption–especially those who believe that the cost of adoption is keeping them from moving forward.

Visit America’s Christian Credit Union website to learn more.  While you are there, be sure to apply for their Adoption Grant!

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