We Are Thankful For Our In-Country Staff!
August 21, 2013

America World is so blessed to have an amazing staff of people who work vigorously in each of our various programs. Yesterday morning, our staff joined together to pray over each of our in-country staff members. Much of their work goes unseen, but is vital in placing children in forever families.

The Ethiopia program is unique in the large staff they have in-country. At times, just to obtain one document, a staff member may travel for hours on bumpy roads to the orphanage or region where the documents originated, and occasionally they make the entire trip only to find the document is not ready. In the rainy season, commutes may become especially arduous.  The internet connection is not always reliable, and a staff member may stay extra late waiting for connection to email us documentation. Even through some of the setbacks they face, they continue to work with passion towards the mission. We are honored and encouraged by their work ethic and faithfulness.

One comment we continually receive from families returning from Ethiopia is how much the in-country staff love the children. Daily, they can be found giving lots of hugs, joking, laughing, playing and serving the children with all they have. Recently, a past staff member from our Ethiopia team mentioned his time spent praying in the rooms with the children who have special/medical needs.

We thank God for our staff who work diligently on these children’s behalf in each of our countries. We also pray for the staff members not directly employed by America World who work at orphanages and care for the children around the world. They are truly the hands and feet of Jesus and for that we are incredibly grateful.

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