Want More Affordable Adoption?

We know many of you look for opportunities to be involved in adoption beyond just your personal adoption. One easy way is to let your Congressional Representatives know that you care about these issues. In less than 5 minutes, you can do just that. This link will let you know who you should contact: Contacting the Congress. When you’ve done this, let us know on Facebook or Twitter what your experience was and encourage other families to do the same.

Adoption Tax Credit

Let your Congressional Representatives know that you hope they’ll co-sponsor refundability bill numbers S.1056 and H.R.2144. A refundable adoption tax credit will allow more families of low to moderate incomes to adopt orphaned children; giving them forever families. For more information, please visit adoptiontaxcredit.org.

CHIFF – Children in Families First Act

Tell Congress you hope they will make the right decision and pass bi-partisan legislation to open up more opportunities for families and orphaned children. Supporting the Children in Families First Act (CHIFF) is one way to let your Members of Congress know that you want your government to make a family for every child a priority! You can see CHIFF’s Cosponsors Here. If your member of Congress is a co-sponsor, write a quick “thank you†note. If your representatives aren’t co-sponsors, let them know you hope they’ll become a co-sponsor.

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