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Waiting Wednesday: Meet Oliver

Some of you may remember precious Oliver, whose eyes light up when he smiles and whose story we recently shared here.  Our Loving Ambassador team spent some time with Oliver this past fall, and one of our team members wanted to share a little bit more about their time with him:

“While in China, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Oliver. He was such a joy to be around!  He lit up a room and every interaction I had with him was full of smiles and giggles. He participated fully during all of the performances the children did, doing all the motions for each song. Oliver is very good at following directions from the uncles and played very well with the other children. I often saw him grab the attention of one special uncle who was always up for a fun game of play-fighting with Oliver.  His sweet, calm spirit won me over and he was overjoyed when I attempted to say his Chinese name. I cannot stress the brightness that emitted from Oliver. I looked for him each time I entered the room, and he never failed in greeting me back with a bright smile.”

Please help us find Oliver’s forever family so he can bring that bright smile home!

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