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Waiting Wednesday: Meet James!

Some of you may remember James, whose story we recently shared here.  This happy little cutie recently met our Loving Ambassador team, and one of our team members wanted to share a little more about their time with him:

Meet active, 4-year-old James!  Like so many little boys, he loves to run and play chase, and he walks and runs well without assistance. He also enjoys fast-paced songs and imitating others as they clap along.  James had fun taking objects in and out of containers at the motor play station and was able to point to some body parts for our team.  His nannies say that he is able to dress himself with assistance, follow simple directions, and knows the word, “mama.”  He also gets scared sometimes when he’s alone.  He would thrive so well with good medical care and a loving, compassionate family!

Please help us find a family to hold this precious little boy and let him know that he’s no longer alone.


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