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Waiting Wednesday: Help us share about sweet Maddox

You may remember kind, happy Maddox, whose pleasant nature and consideration for others made him a favorite with the nannies and other children.  Our Loving Ambassador team got to meet Maddox in Nov. 2019 and shared his story here.  They wanted the opportunity to share a little more about this sweet young man:

“I remember him being very well-behaved. The kids had a painting project. and Maddox took his part very seriously, earnestly painting his portion of the project.  He was proud of a certificate he got and made sure to show the nannies.”

“He also had nice involvement with the group of older boys and was seen pushing his friend in a wheelchair.  He was willing and happy to engage with us, and we could see his desire was to be helpful and participate in whatever he could.”

Please help us find a forever home for this considerate, polite, respectful young man who so desires to engage and contribute.  What a blessing he would be as a part of a loving family!

Contact to learn more.

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