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Waiting Wednesday: Benz is waiting

You may remember soft-spoken, gentle Benz, whose story we recently shared here  Our Loving Ambassador team recently spent time with Benz and wanted to share more about their sweet experience with him:

“Benz is a sweet-natured, patient, and quiet little guy who steals your heart immediately! The week that we spent with him, we could tell that he is loved and protected by the other boys that live with him in the orphanage.  He is smart and curious, always wanting to know what is happening and what is on the schedule next!

He liked to talk to one of our team members through her translator app, and he told her that he enjoyed watching TV and playing with his toys. He was also very curious to know about his friends that had been adopted, and he told us he hopes that they are happy.

Although his vision is very limited, this did not stop Benz from doing everything that his friends did!  He wanted to participate in the games that they played and he did so the best he could.  He was able to make dumplings with the rest of the group. And he impressed us all with his patience one evening in particular. He was waiting his turn to see our doctor and physical therapist, so we gave him a coloring sheet with a heart to pass the time while he waited.  He also had several different containers of play dough.  Instead of coloring, he took out the play dough, patiently rolled each color into a little ball and placed them on the outline of the heart.  We weren’t sure exactly how much he could see, but he did this with such precision, it was obvious he could see exactly what he was doing.

You have to meet this little guy to really understand the sweet nature of his spirit; it’s evident as soon as you interact with him!  The love of a family would only bring out this sweet nature even more, allowing him to be the thoughtful, creative, fun-loving kiddo that he is!”

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