Waiting for His Family:  12 Year Old, "Edison"

Waiting for His Family: 12 Year Old, “Edison”

“Edison” is a 12-year old boy who is described as being very amiable, having a sweet disposition and a great smile—which is easy to get from him.  He is also described as having a tender and gentle spirit and one of his primary educators at the orphanage spoke about Edison and attested to his wonderful disposition.  

From a recent update, it is noted that he seems a little shy with his nannies, but is outgoing with the other children.  “Edison” has an easy-going manner, is full of humor and interacts with others well.   He attends school at the orphanage, and his file indicates that he is a smart young man who enjoys studying and is able to grasp new concepts quickly.   “Edison” is able to recite long poems and can retell stories, such as The Emperors New Clothes.  He also knows his numbers.  In order to best maneuver around the orphanage, he uses a rolling walker, and is able to slowly ascend the stairwells, with the help of the handrail.  He has slow, but precise, fine motor skills.    

A One Orphan team member from America World spent some time with “Edison” on a trip this past fall, and said that it was such a blessing for her to meet this child. She spoke of him saying, “His kindness was a wonderful reminder to me of the mark of kindness that I want evident in my own life.”

Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, “Edison'” file states reflects post-operative notes for his inner thighs & his heels on both sides of his body.  He had surgery to release spasticity and to lengthen his tendons. His upper body strength appears to be normal and he is continent.  His file also states that he is receiving rehabilitation for his legs and hands, as well as speech therapy.  “Edison” is also receiving training to teach him self-care, and some social training as well.   

“Edison” is an agency specific file designated as Special Focus so a family at any stage of the adoption process or those just considering adoption are eligible to review his file. If you are interested in learning more about “Edison”, or our China waiting child program, email China@awaa.org or fill out a free pre-application on our website.

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