Waiting Children Programs

Please join America World in advocating for the waiting children in our adoption programs such as Brazil, India, Russia, El Salvador China and Ethiopia. A waiting child is a child who is eligible for adoption and is waiting for their forever family. Over the years, we have been honored to serve hundreds of families who have adopted waiting children. Many of them have their contact information on our reference page, and you are welcome to contact these families to learn about their experience. Waiting children may be healthy older children or have special needs. Prospective or current families can visit our Waiting Children webpage to learn more about adopting these children and can talk to a Family Coordinator about the referral review processes and opportunities. The Christian Alliance for the Orphans has several resources for older child adoptions.

Additionally, we have lists of resources to share with families as they consider different medical needs or an older child. Thank you for joining us in prayer for these precious children!


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