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Waiting Children Program Updates

America World is eager to announce that over the past two weeks, seven families have submitted their Electronic Acceptances for children from the Waiting Children Program.  Congratulations to all!  Additionally, we would like to congratulate the family who has moved forward to adopt David! We are so happy that you are all one step closer to bringing your little ones home.  Please join us in praising our God for bringing families forward for these children.
Waiting Children Program families received email updates regarding the shared system process and new shared referrals. While there are still referrals available for review, many children from last week’s shared referral email were reviewed by families. We are happy to report that your prayers do work!  Our monthly prayer focus for the months of May, Noah, is now under review with a family. In other exciting news, Jack and Cole, who are also America World referrals, are also currently under review with families.  Our prayers are with families as they review the referrals and seek God’s discernment for their family in that process.
Please join us in continuing to pray for all of the children on our Waiting Children Program list.  There are still many referrals available for review!  To learn more about these children and to view their photos and biographies please go to the link: and contact your Family Coordinator for the password.


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