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China Waiting Child, “Wesson”: A Team Report

Wesson is a smart, active, friendly, and engaging 11-year old young man who longs for a home and would so benefit from the love and care of a forever family!  A Loving Ambassador team visited with Wesson in November 2019 and described him as outgoing, curious, and very cooperative and interactive!  He performed multiple songs in the talent show (including “Grateful Heart”) and was noted to especially enjoy computers, electronics, and painting.

Wesson has been diagnosed with post-operative cerebral palsy, but his development is noted to be similar to other children his age, and his self-care abilities are very strong.  He is able to feed and dress himself, and move from his wheelchair to the floor or to other chairs without assistance.  He enjoys trying to practice walking with his walker, but the Loving Ambassador team noted that his orthotic equipment was broken and not available, making it challenging for him to get around without assistance.

The doctor examined and interviewed Wesson extensively trying to understand why he has had a hard time gaining weight despite a healthy appetite.  Though no cause or additional health concerns were found, it was discovered that Wesson chooses to eat very little at dinnertime to avoid causing additional work for his caretakers with his wheelchair should he need to use the restroom later.  This precious, thoughtful boy is so well-loved by all who meet him and has so much potential to thrive given a loving home and the proper therapy and equipment!

Another team visited Wesson in 2008, and he touched their hearts even then.  One team member got to spend the day with Wesson and described their sweet time together:

“Wonderful Wesson.  This little boy, with his shy smile and sweet spirit, stole my heart.  We became buddies on our shopping trip to “Walmart” in China this past October. It was quite a scene as we rolled up in our five buses and rolled out with a gazillion Chinese nannies, kids, wheelchairs, strollers and our Storyteller team in tow!   Our mission was to spend time with the kids and take them shopping!  My buddy was sweet Wesson, so I grab his wheelchair and off we went.  No matter that he spoke no English, and I, no Chinese.  Hand motions worked perfectly.  We had a glorious time going down each aisle, picking out stickers and chips and candy and cookies and a blue drink to wash it all down with!  We ventured upstairs, where we stumbled upon a play area with moon sand, magnet activities, and best of all, an iPad with games!  We went from activity to activity, but when I tried to move us on from the iPad, I thought Wesson’s wheelchair was stuck until I realized Wesson had a death grip on the table!  He wasn’t quite ready to move on from the iPad, so I gladly hung out with him there, enjoying his excitement and laughter as he played.  As I sat there watching him, I didn’t see an orphan boy in a wheelchair, but a little boy who was just like my boys at home.  Just a regular boy who loved playing video games. 

During our assessment time, we learned that although Wesson has cerebral palsy and used a wheelchair during camp, he is able to walk with a walker according to his nannies.  He was able to transfer himself from floor to wheelchair and wheelchair to floor independently.  He has great self-care skills and enjoys being as independent as possible.  He is very social and interactive, and although he seemed a bit shy with us, we observed him laughing and talking with his friends.  He was able to string beads and draw shapes.  He seemed very eager to please, and it was a delight to spend time with him.

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As our week at camp came to a close and it was time say our goodbyes, the nannies began collecting each child’s lanyard name tag.  Before his nanny collected his, Wesson waved to me, and I went over to him.  He took off his name tag, carefully inserted his picture in the lanyard pocket and handed it to me.  Through an interpreter, he said he wanted me to have it and asked me to please not forget him.  This boy, who has been waiting so long, who has watched his friends be chosen for adoption but been passed over himself, pleaded with me not to forget him.  It was almost more than my heart could take. 

Sweet, beautiful Wesson, your name tag is in my Bible, and I pray for you often, that God would set you in a family soon and that you would never feel forgotten again.

Would you cry out with me for Wesson?  I believe God will hear us and move on behalf of this precious boy who wants a family so badly.  Wesson is a treasure and would be such a blessing to any family.” 

Please take a few minutes to consider how God would have you be a part of helping this precious child, whether that is through prayingadvocating, or inquiring to learn more.

You can learn more about the process of adopting from China on our China overview page as well as learn about eligibility requirements for a China adoption.

If you are interested in learning more about Wesson or adopting a child from China, please email our China team at or you can reach us by phone at  800-429-3369 for more information.

NOTE:  $1,000 China adoption grants are still available to new families adopting from China!

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