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China Waiting Child Profile: “Vincent”

Vincent is described by his caretakers as a “very lovely, active boy”. He currently lives in an orphanage, enjoys playing with toys especially ones that have bells on them and likes listening to music.

Vincent has a shy, sweet temperament and has bonded well with his caregivers.

He understands so much of what others say but can only speak a few words at this time. He can say “mama” and “aunt” and is ready with a smile to those who come see him. His mental development is at a similar level as other children his age. He can sit up on his own and can grab and handle toys well. He follows a consistent daily schedule of eating, sleeping and doing his daily activities.

Vincent was diagnosed as having a malformation of one of his fingers and club feet. Because of this he cannot stand by himself but is doing rehabilitation to help with this every day now.

Vincent is a precious little boy just waiting for his forever family! He is an agency-specific file and is from one of our previous orphanage partnerships.

His file has been designated by the CCCWA as a Special Focus file.

Please contact our China team at for more information.

If you are interested in adding Vincent to your family the next step is to contact a China Family Coordinator. Please call 800-429-3369 or Contact Us to learn more about Vincent.

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