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congential heart defect adoption

China Waiting Child: “Steven”

Steven is described by his caregivers as a clever and adored little boy with bright and big eyes. He currently lives with a foster family as part of his orphanage’s foster program.

He has an active and outgoing personality and is quick in reaction. His file notes that he has a very good memory. He can remember the children’s songs and Tang poems which have been taught by his teacher and then will recite them to his foster mom after school. In the class, he will recite them to his classmate. Toby can write simple Chinese characters, numbers and phonetic alphabets. He loves to draw and do handwork. He also enjoys playing games with other children and gets along well with them. He goes to school Monday through Saturday.

Steven is a talkative little boy who loves music, singing, dancing, and has good self-care. He appears to be developmentally on track and has good fine and gross motor skills.

Steven is 8 ½ years old and has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (VSD & congenital pulmonary artery atresia).

Steven’s file is from one of our orphanage partners and is designated as “Special Focus.”

Please contact our China team at for more information about Steven. If you are interested in adding Steven to your family, the next step is to contact one of our China Family Coordinators. Please call 800-429-3369 or Contact Us to learn more about him.

Not everyone is called to adopt a child, however, we can all advocate for waiting children around the world.  Begin by praying daily that the hearts of those God has called to adopt will hear from Him and begin pursuing that call.  Partnering with America World to help fund critical projects to assist vulnerable children around the world is another great way to tangibly change the lives of these little ones.  Simply sharing the posts of our Waiting Children can go a long way in helping to find a family for each child who waits.

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