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Waiting Child Spotlight- Ethan

America World would like to introduce you to Ethan. Ethan is 11 years old and experienced his first trip to the United States with
the Welcoming Angels hosting group. One of his chaperones noted, “Ethan is
very sweet. On our way back to Ethiopia, he looked out for his friend who was
younger, making sure he was okay and stayed with the group. Ethan wanted to
make sure he was comforted when he was sad, it was very sweet.†

When our Transition Home psychologist was meeting with
Ethan, she stated he wanted to share this little story: When Ethan was
younger, he and his friends would go swimming together. One friend was
supposed to stay to the side to watch their clothes but instead decided he
would leave the group and take all of their clothes with him! Ethan said
this was a really funny memory to him! We thought this was a sweet little
story that gives you a glimpse of his sense of humor and personality.

Please join us in praying for Ethan and a forever family!


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