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China Waiting Child: “Moses”

Moses is a sweet young boy who lives with his foster family. His Chinese name means “compliment”.

He has a good health and rarely gets ill. He has good gross motor skills and can walk, run and jump freely. He can ride a bicycle, too! He has good self-care skills and can feed himself, wash, take off his clothes, and put on his socks and shoes by himself. His language development is good and he can express whatever he wants with language. He can sing children’s songs and communicate normally through language with other peers. He has good mental development and can count, recognize numbers and colors, identify many animals, and identify shapes.

He likes to paint, work puzzles, and build with toy blocks. He likes toy cars, games, and outdoor activities.

He is receiving preschool education and studying in the kindergarten of the institute from Monday to Friday. He is active and energetic and enjoys playing with other children. He is good at sharing with the other children. He likes outdoor activities and adapts well to situations. Moses gets along well with his foster family is very close to his foster parents.

Moses was diagnosed with right-hand polydactylism and has had surgery to correct this medical need. He was also diagnosed with anal atresia.

Moses’ file is designed by the CCCWA as Special Focus and he is an agency file from one of our previous orphanage partners. To learn more about Moses, email our team at

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