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Waiting Child: “Landon” Needs a Family

Please join us in praying for this handsome 5½-year-old boy and advocating for him! He is described as being serious and his pose in his photo is reflective of his little personality with his hands stuffed into his jean pockets. Landon has a round face with deep brown eyes.

Landon seems to enjoy playing alongside other children, though his energy level can be low at times. He is happy with his caregivers and seeks their care when something is upsetting to him.

His medical information is limited but denotes a congenital heart condition that appears to be moderate. He was also diagnosed with Kwashiorkor, a specific type of malnutrition that can cause edema. His medical information does note edema of the feet. Additionally, his file notes that he has had eczema and itchyosis which are both skin conditions. Lastly, he appears to have some intellectual delays.

No Hands But Ours is an excellent resource for adoptive parents interested in learning more about various special needs, including heart conditions. Click here if you are interested in learning more!

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