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adopting a child from china

China Waiting Child: “Helen”

Helen is a cute little girl whose Chinese name means “noble and elegant”. She lives with her foster family and is closest to her foster parents.

She has good health and rarely gets ill. She has good gross motor skills and can walk, run and jump freely, can go up and down stairs freely. She has good fine motor skills and can hold a pen and draw vertical lines.

Her language development is good and she can communicate normally and express her needs with sentences of 5-10 words. She has good self-care skills and can put her clothes on and off and can take care of herself. She is positive, extroverted, active, and is always smiling and talking. She gets along well with others.

She enjoys listening to music and likes cell phones and toys with sounds. She likes to eat noodles, dumplings, vegetables, and soup and is not a picky eater. She loves to take a bath and sleeps well at night and does not get up in the night.

Helen has been diagnosed with congenital blepharophimosis, which is a condition that affects the development of the eyelids, a narrowing of the eye opening and often a child will also have ptosis (droopy eyelids).

Helen’s file is designated by the CCCWA as Special Focus. She is an agency file from one of our previous orphanage partnerships and a family can learn more by contacting our team at

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