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China Waiting Child: “Daisy” Needs a Forever Family

Daisy is a cute little girl from our China photolisting that our assessment teams met several times in China in June of 2015, and then again in June and November of 2016. When assessed in November of 2016, her speech appeared to be delayed and there was a question of a possible hearing impairment as her nannies stated she does not always respond to her name when called. The assessment team also observed she did not respond when called loudly. She appeared to be shy around the teams but seemed to be connected to her nannies. She had good motor development compared to her peers and appeared to be in good health overall.

As of September 2017, her file noted that she likes to play with toys and also enjoys listening to music. She likes to have her picture taken and will smile at you. She is described as a lovely child and the caretakers love her very much. She plays with other children which makes the nannies happy. Her file states that they hope that she will find her adoptive family and get more love and care.

An update in 2018 stated that she is saying 2-syllable words like mama, papa, sister, brother, and uncle.

It was also noted that she did not receive treatment for meningitis and does not appear to have a hearing impairment.

Daisy was diagnosed with supratentorial hydrocephalus, mild anemia, and has a history of having meningitis. While it appears that she has some delays, a doctor would need to assess her file to provide a full medical opinion.

We believe with the love of a family, Daisy could reach even more new milestones and thrive in a new family.

Daisy is an agency file from one of our partnership orphanages. Her file has been designated by the CCCWA as a special focus file.

A family reviewing her file would have additional photos and video for review and could speak with team members who met her on previous trips.

Please contact our China adoption team to learn more about Daisy. Email our team at

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